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Fast, efficient and accurate protection for food and beverages

Double seam inspection system for canned foods

VisioCanEnd from E2M is a high-performance double seam inspection system that uses up to seven high resolution cameras (depending on the model and customer needs) for cans and preserved foods. VisioCanEnd captures 100% of the can perimeter and analyzes seal, screen printing and more.

The system inspects all types of cans and all kinds of formats without exception, including Hansa, Dingley, Club, Oval, Round and Meat.


  • Level inspection in opaque containers
  • No X-rays or radioisotopes
  • High speed
  • Does not require calibration or adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment in seconds at startup
  • Highly resistant
  • Minimum and maximum level discrimination
  • Allows waves and foam


  • For the inspection of:
    • Pull tabs (position, defects, presence)
    • Dents
    • Patterns and logos
    • Holes
    • Labels (360˚ view)
    • V defects
    • Scratches
    • Hits
    • Oxidation
    • Label printing/lid printing
    • OCV code reading
    • Scratches on printing
    • Tag identification

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