Certification & Calibration

It is important for inspection equipment to be both properly calibrated and certified on a routine basis in order to ensure optimal performance, as well as compliance with legal or internal standards. TDI Packsys offers both formal certification, as well as calibrations, on all inspection systems that we sell.

We are also able to certify and calibrate additional systems from other vendors, depending on the exact model or process needs. For any questions regarding certification or calibration, it is best to contact TDI Packsys, where an experienced technician will be ready to help you determine your certification/calibration needs, as well as schedule any on-site visits to perform these services.


Inspection systems from TDI Packsys are fully certified and calibrated during the initial commissioning and installation visit on-site. Using certified test pieces or weights, metal detectors, checkweighers, and x-rays are able to have their performance certified on your actual products. In addition to performance, x-rays can have their radiation emissions measured and certified to ensure safe operating levels. 

While annual certifications are mandated in most regions, manufacturers using this equipment are encouraged to recertify their systems after any significant changes are made to the programming, or after the equipment has been moved.


Some inspection equipment, such as metal detectors or checkweighers, uses mechanical or electrical processes to perform inspection. Both the physical components, as well as the inspection programming of these systems, can slowly change over time. This variation can cause inaccurate inspection, problems with false alarms, and generally degraded performance.

In order to prevent this, and maximize performance, these systems should be calibrated on a routine basis. Many systems from TDI Packsys have auto-calibration functions to make this process easy for operators to perform without additional support, but in some scenarios, additional assistance is needed in order to get the system functioning to standard. TDI Packsys provides calibration services using certified test standards, with our trained technicians often able to be on-site within 24 hours. To schedule a calibration, please contact us via phone, email, or by submitting a request via our online form below.

Certified Test Standards

TDI Packsys utilizes certified test standards for the certification and calibration of our inspection equipment. A standard set of test pieces is provided with every inspection system purchase, and additional standards are available by request.

TDI Packsys offers a wide variety of certified test standards, available in both single- and multi-point cards, with customizable sizing and composition.

We recommend using the following test standards for your inspection system:

Metal Detectors



Stainless Steel

X-Ray Systems



Stainless Steel



CheckweighersStandard Calibration Weights (dependent on size of system)

In addition to these standard materials, TDI Packsys offers test pieces for

  • Teflon
  • Rubber Nitrile
  • Aluminum
  • Nylon

Contact us for specific test standard availability, or for any requests regarding custom pieces.

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