TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher


Packaging goods at the correct, listed weight is not only required by law, but can be vital at managing costs. If your machines aren’t doing their job with ultimate accuracy, your company could be wasting money and resources, and losing customers.

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Often located towards the end of a production line, a checkweigher ensures packages are filled at the correct weight, classifying, transporting and ultimately accepting or rejecting a product according to predetermined standards.

The right application of weight control techniques will virtually eliminate consumer complaints about underweight packages. Well-crafted and maintained checkweigher systems can also help the manufacturer significantly reduce costs related to overweight packages.


Checkweighing systems can be used for virtually any product in any production process where ensuring accurate weight is necessary.

With multiple series and a range of available sizes and optional features, a checkweigher from TDI Packsys will be carefully selected for your specific product and needs.

Standard Features

  • Italian Engineering and Design
  • Large, Intuitive Operator Panel
  • German Load-Cell
  • Oriental Motor (Brushless – 24V DC Motors)
  • Multiple Language Options
  • High-Speed, Sensitivity and Stability
  • Easy to Disassemble and Clean
  • Can be Integrated with Network for Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Why We Are the Best

All of our checkweighers are easy to clean, provide full-color touchscreen controls for each operation, and use high-sensitivity load cells or scales that do not need daily calibration. Plus, TDI Packsys backs every piece of equipment with unmatched support, including annual testing, operator training, emergency service, calibration and certification to ensure your system remains in complete and continual compliance with all applicable regulations.

Let us help you get the checkweigher equipment that best fits your needs.


A checkweigher is a machine that serves as an automated scale, and weighs packaged products to ensure they are the correct weight. Checkweighers are commonly used in food manufacturing towards the end of the production process to check for products that are either underweight or overweight. Many checkweighers have automatic reject mechanisms that can remove underweight or overweight products from the production line without the need for an operator or for production to stop.

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