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TDI Packsys works with industry-leading manufacturers to develop innovative, industry-specific inspection systems. Read More
TDI Packsys XR Standard X-Ray Inspection Systems

Cheese Block X-Ray

Inspects Cheese Blocks

Bone and Cartilage Inspection

Detects Chicken Bones


Inspects Bottles

Jar and Canister

Inspects Cans & Jars

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TDI Packsys is constantly working to develop new systems tailored to the specific needs of certain industries. With a new system being released every six months on average, you can rest assured that if there exists a section of the market not yet covered by the superior performance of our inspection technology, TDI Packsys will be working to address it. 

For some products and processes, standard equipment just won’t cut it. Whether it’s due to the size of the product, its composition, or the nature of specific high-risk contaminants, a different approach is needed to ensure the safety and quality of product in certain industries. While other equipment providers might try and make their standard models work for these more complex inspections, TDI Packsys has taken the time to research and work with manufacturing leaders in these industries to develop the first of their kind, industry-specific inspection systems to meet the unique needs and challenges faced every day by the companies that produce these products.

By experimenting with new componentry, trialing and improving testing units, and working directly with the biggest names in each industry, we have designed customized systems to provide the best inspection available in the world for these products and processes. If you don’t see your industry or product listed, worry not, as we are continuing to work day in and day out to release new systems and stay on top of the ever changing needs in the food and beverage industry.

Table of Contents

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