Inspection Consultation & Product Validation

At TDI Packsys, we know you might not be sure what the best inspection solution is for your process. Metal detectors, x-rays, and vision systems will all perform differently depending on your products and production needs, and it can sometimes be difficult to evaluate all of these options on your own. 

Let us help – TDI Packsys offers no-obligation, 100% free inspection consultations and product validations. We serve as our customers’ complete resource for all things inspection from beginning to end of the inspection project.

Inspection Consultation

With on-site visits, virtual meetings, and in-depth phone calls, our Equipment Specialists at TDI Packsys will work to learn every detail of your inspection needs, process requirements, and end goals. This consultation is no-obligation, and absolutely free, because we know how time consuming or difficult it can be to evaluate a project on your own. At TDI Packsys, we’re happy to use our resources and expertise to do this work for you. After fully familiarizing ourselves with your specific needs, we can recommend possible solutions for your inspection, and continue to assist with any testing, validation, or evaluation you may need. TDI Packsys is committed to ensuring you find the right solution for your inspection needs.

Product Validation Testing

When it comes to inspection systems, size matters. Maybe not the size of the system itself, but the size of foreign materials that can be detected inside of your products. While the FDA lists the standard for foreign materials at 7.0mm, consumers and secondary processors can be much stricter when it comes to contaminants in their food.

X-ray systems from TDI Packsys offer superior inspection capabilities, and our metal detectors and vision systems can provide detection of foriegn materials down to less than a millimeter.

In order to provide a better understanding of what our inspection systems are capable of, TDI Packsys offers no-obligation, free validation testing on our equipment. This testing involves using our demo machines to inspect samples of your product, in order to provide specific capabilities. By validating your products on our equipment, you will be able to know exactly what performance you will see from a TDI Packsys inspection system before you purchase it.

Using certified test standards, as well as any specific foreign material samples you’d like to have evaluated, every aspect of the testing is recorded and compiled into formal validation reports that detail both the testing process and results achieved.

In addition to the validation report, testing can be done with customer representatives present on-site, or through a virtual call.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection consultation, or to arrange a formal product validation test with TDI Packsys.

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