Commissioning & Training

Intensive Commissioning Process

The purchase of every TDI Packsys inspection or packaging automation system includes thorough on-site installation, set up, and training. Also included in the commissioning is a full certification of the unit, complete with certification stickers and documents.

With a minimum of 4 hours allotted for metal detectors and 8 hours for x-ray systems, TDI Packsys completes the entire assembly/installation process, trains all operators and quality/supervisor personnel, creates custom programs for all products, and observes the unit in line to ensure you are up and running with minimal downtime.

Strict Commissioning Process

We follow a strict procedure in our commissioning process, which ensures your new system is functioning at its full potential, and that your operators are confident in its use and maintenance. TDI Packsys will not leave a unit until commissioning is completed to all standards, even if additional time is required.

1. Installation/setup

2.Custom programming for all product types

3. Operator training for all user levels (including safety)

4. Observation of unit in-line

5. Certification

6. Customer sign-off

Supplemental Training

For additional training, TDI Packsys is proud to offer both on-site and remote supplemental training on all of our systems. With quick response times and flexible scheduling, our expert technicians are able to keep your process running and maximize uptime, even while training additional operators.

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