Rotary Systems
Rotary Systems
Rotary Systems

Rotary Systems

TDI Packsys has teamed up with premier packaging automation specialists, Coalza, to bring you high-performance rotary packaging machines. They’re the perfect solution for increased packaging production, without massively expanding your footprint. Don’t let their small size fool you – these compact machines deliver powerful performance. Read More
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Package a variety of products in a wide size range of pillow-style bags:

  • Adjustable bag width: 40-300mm
  • Adjustable bag length: 50-1000mm

Products to be packaged include the following:

  • Frozen foods
  • Chips and snacks
  • Baked goods
  • Dried fruits
  • Cereals
  • Rice and short pastas
  • Coffee beans
  • Salads and vegetables
  • Candies
  • Pet food
  • Much more

SR 300 Applications


Rotary Jaws

  • High packaging speeds
  • Welding and bag sealing 100% hermetic
  • Possibility to add strippers for vacuum effect
  • Adaptable and interchangeable depending on product and packing reel material
  • Inert atmosphere and protective packaging possible

Illustrations of the SR 300 Process

Film Progress

SR 300 Film Progress

    • Film tension control through servo motor
    • Pneumatic
    • Single arm
    • Through servo motor – improves unwinding and feeding of the film favoring its constant shift
    • Through vacuum belts
    • Transmission by gear train driven by servomotor
    • Automatic opening and closing from software (adjustable)

Rear Shaft

SR 300 Rear Shaft

  • Quick reel change with vacuum film connection
  • Spot detection through optical fiber RBG
  • Designed to integrate different types of thermal print markers
  • The roll in the middle of the rear shaft allows the film to stay centered at any time; optional automatic shifting either by screen or by software by means of an electric actuator
  • Maximum safety and ergonomics for technical operators; easy and convenient access to the rear shaft; no need to disassemble the packaging machine

Monoblock Chassis with Modular Vertical Structure

  • Isolation from external vibrations
  • Financial savings by eliminating unnecessary components (platform not needed)
  • Space optimization
  • Reduction in the dosing system (this allows packaging at high speeds)
  1. Structure prepared to support multihead weigher and retractable metal detector
  2. Metal detector with removable arm (easy maintenance and change of format)
  3. Monoblock chassis with all electrical and mechanical components inside; 100% hermetic (IP65); easy access for maintenance

Vertical Welding

  • Vertical welder with driven continuous heat transfer belt through servomotor – better sealing adapted for higher speeds, adapting to the film progress speed
  • Pneumatic actuation of the vertical weld adjustment. It protects the film from breakage and burning

Maximum Synchronization

Five servomotors allow the utmost productivity of the packaging system. They considerably increase the productivity of the packaging machine (fewer errors, less mechanical incidents, less wear).

  • Lower maintenance
  • Costs reduction
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher control throughout the packaging
  • Higher reliability
  1. Servomotor in the rear shaft holder – Controls the film progress with maximum accuracy.
  2. Servomotor in the intermediate film progress roll – The intermediate roll incorporated in the reel unwinder shaft allows a better feeding of the film.
  3. Servomotor in the drive belts (direct drive by extendable cardan) – Greater precision in the film progress both before and after the sealing with little maintenance.
  4. Servomotor in the vertical welding – By controlling the thermal tape by means of the servomotor, we can achieve a higher precision in the vertical welding of the packaging bags.
  5. Servomotor in the jaws – By controlling the jaws through servomotor, we can achieve higher speed and precision together with a better sealing of the bags.

Advanced Software

  • Very friendly and intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Complete control of all the parameters from the screen
  • Integration and management of all the components through software (temperature control, broken bags, film usage, etc…)
  • OEE calculation incorporating the measurement of the efficiency of the packaging machine in production
  • Possibility of integration with in-plant management system software with communication standard MQTT and OPCUA for the development of connectivity in industry 4.0
  • Possibility of remote management and supervision from mobile, tablet and computer
  • Control of peripherals thanks to the software entirely developed by COALZA
  • Adaptation to other software
  • Preventive control of the machine to avoid any breakdown

Spec Table

Max. mechanical speed150 bpm
Quick change of jawsYes
Unwinding of the coil3 steps:
1. Reel holder with servo motor and automatic film tension control
2. Drive by means of servomotor
3. Suction belt system
Belt-drive system1. Mobility via extendable cardan shaft
2. Adjustable opening and closing
3. Single servomotor – full synchronization
4. Built-in vacuum
5. Automatic opening configurable via the machine software
Dosing supportChassis-integrated
Vertical welderContinuous
Max. package width (mm)300
Min. package width (recommended) (mm)40
Max. package length (mm)400
Min. package length (mm)50
Reel unwinderMotorized with film tension adjustment
IP protection (electrical cabinet)IP65
SafetyNormative CE (98/37/CEE) – UL (optional)
Standard electrical connection380V, 3F+N, 50Hz
Max. power consumption7 Kw
Compressed air consumption50-150 l/min
Max. coil width (mm)640
Spot detection systemPhotocell (fiber optic option)
Control systemPLC with touch screen (OMRON)
Integration of peripherals in the control systemYes
Bagger parameter settingsVia Software
CommunicationEthernet and Wi-Fi (optional)
Integration with customer’s SCADAYes (optional)

Table of Contents

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