Multi-Sorting Checkweighers

Multi-Sorting Checkweighers

Multi-sorting checkweighers from TDI Packsys are designed to automatically weigh and sort various products in continuous packaging processes. With high-accuracy weighing, and integrated separation mechanisms customized for your specific process and product, these multi-sorting checkweighers completely replace the need for manual sorting of products by weight. Multi-sorting checkweighers reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and optimize the production process. Read More
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Multi-sorting checkweighers from TDI Packsys can be used to automatically classify and sort products by weight for a variety of raw and packaged product types. These systems are commonly used for fish, seafood, beef, poultry, frozen foods, etc. 

In addition to the automatic sorting function, multi-sorting checkweighers can aid in statistical analysis, quality management, and cost control for your entire production process. 

Standard Features

  • For seafood, poultry, frozen foods and other size sorting applications
  • Available with up to 12 weight sorting zones
  • Will accurately sort at speeds up of over 200 feet per minute
  • User friendly touch screen interface; stores up to 100 different product types
  • Stainless steel construction; available in waterproof and dustproof models
  • Variety of optional sorting mechanisms


A checkweigher is a machine that serves as an automated scale, and weighs packaged products to ensure they are the correct weight. Checkweighers are commonly used in food manufacturing towards the end of the production process to check for products that are either underweight or overweight. Many checkweighers have automatic reject mechanisms that can remove underweight or overweight products from the production line without the need for an operator or for production to stop.

Spec Table

NameConveyorized Multi-sorting Checkweigher
Main Construction304 Stainless Steel, Matte Finish
Control Panel9.5” Touchscreen Interface
Detection Range0.2 – 5 kilograms (0.04 – 11 pounds)
Accuracy+/- 1.5 gram
Scale Interval0.2 gram
Product MemoryUp to 100 different products
SpeedVariable, up to 70 meters/minute (230ft/min)
Product Width MaximumCustomizable
Product Length MaximumCustomizable
Compressed Air58 to 116 psi
ConnectivityUSB and Ethernet
Power110v or per customer request
Conveyor Height from FloorCustomizable
IP RatingIP 66

Table of Contents

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