TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher
TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher
TDI Packsys IXL Series Checkweighers
TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher
TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher
TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher Conveyor
TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher Reject
TDI Packsys IXL Checkweigher Light Stack

IXL Standard Checkweighers

The IXL series of checkweighers from TDI Packsys encompasses a variety of high-performance models that are suitable for almost any inspection application. Using state-of-the-art German load cells and other componentry, the IXL series delivers accurate weight measurements in even the most demanding of processes. Read More
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Checkweighing systems can be used for virtually any product in any production process where ensuring accurate weight is necessary.

Available in both standard and high-speed configurations, IXL series checkweighers can weigh up to 330 products per minute, and can accommodate products weighing as much as 110 lbs (50kg). 

Standard Features

  • High speed, advanced German-built load cell – exceptional performance at speeds over 300 feet per minute
  • Operator friendly LCD touchscreen HMI – save programs for over 100 pre-set products
  • Multi-lingual operator controls: English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and other languages upon request
  • Standard USB data output (optional Ethernet)
  • Infeed conveyor sections with 70mm tall stainless-steel guide rails ensure proper product orientation as it traverses the scale platform (custom heights available)
  • Integrated rejection conveyor for the auto-exclusion of any out of spec product
  • Fully welded frame constructed of polished, mirror finish heavy gauge 304 stainless steel 
  • Premium Habasit conveyor belts on all platforms. Upgrade to metallic chain link at upcharge.
  • Adjustable, self-leveling feet
  • 3-tier light tree, belt stop and/or audible alarm 

Why We Are the Best

All of our checkweighers are easy to clean, provide full-color touchscreen controls for each operation, and use high-sensitivity load cells or scales that do not need daily calibration. Plus, TDI Packsys backs every piece of equipment with unmatched support, including annual testing, operator training, emergency service, calibration and certification to ensure your system remains in complete and continual compliance with all applicable regulations.

Let us help you get the checkweigher equipment that best fits your needs.


A checkweigher is a machine that serves as an automated scale, and weighs packaged products to ensure they are the correct weight. Checkweighers are commonly used in food manufacturing towards the end of the production process to check for products that are either underweight or overweight. Many checkweighers have automatic reject mechanisms that can remove underweight or overweight products from the production line without the need for an operator or for production to stop.

Spec Table

NameConveyorized Checkweigher
ModelIXL Series
Main Construction304 Stainless Steel
Control Panel7” LCD Touchscreen Interface
Detection Range10g to 50kg 
Accuracy+/- 0.1 grams (+/- 0.004 oz)
Interval0.05 grams (0.002 oz)
Maximum Speed120 meters / minute (393 feet/minute)
ThroughputUp to 330 pieces / minute
Compressed Air58 to 116 psi
Power110v or per customer request
Conveyor Height from FloorCustomizable
IP RatingIP54

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