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Vision Systems

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Fast, efficient and accurate protection for food and beverages

The search for defects, contaminants and irregularities is never-ending, but TDI PACKSYS provides the finest inspection equipment for the quality consistency you need.

Our vision inspection systems automatically scan packaging for defects and can ensure accuracy in barcodes, can confirm printing is legible, fill lines are met and ensure labels and stickers are adhered correctly. They also speed up your line, prevent quality control bottlenecks and provide reports and data to help ensure end-of-line consistency.

Your TDI PACKSYS X-ray equipment provides exceptional protection against contaminants, but it can’t do everything. When used with a vision inspection system you are protected against so much more. Plus, all our equipment is backed by the service and support for which TDI PACKSYS is well known including training, annual testing and calibration to ensure your systems remain optimized, profitable and compliant with all industry regulations.

We offer vision inspection systems from two leading manufacturers:

Viewtech for Food Packaging

E2M for Bottles and Containers