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Fast, efficient and accurate protection for food and beverages

Label inspection system for oriented containers

The innovative Visiolabel inspection system from E2M delivers four side views and one top view for optimal product presentation inspection. With Visiolabel you won’t need to worry about labels being wrinkled, tilted, marred, inaccurate or missing.


  • Inspection outside the labeler, on the conveyor
  • Compact inspection tunnel with protective glasses
  • Intuitive computer system and interface based on Windows 10
  • Easy and simple format change
  • Intuitive regulation of control parameters
  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis
  • Provides production statistics
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Integration with external inspections (barcode reader, “anti-theft” label)
  • Rejection signal management
  • Structural adjustment for label inspection on 3 sides of the container
  • Filling level control can be added


  • For rectangular, triangular and oval oriented container labels including paper and self-adhesive (front, back, strip, collar, fiscal seal), and shrink sleeves and seals
  • For use in the following applications:
    • Oils and vinegar
    • Cosmetics
    • Household products
    • Spirits
    • Milk, juice, soft drinks

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