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Fast, efficient and accurate protection for food and beverages

Empty bottle and container inspection system

The low cost Ebivision bottle inspection system from E2M inspects returnable bottles after the washing process, but before filling. Ebivision inspects the walls, bottom and height of the containers, detects foreign bodies including stains, and identifies breaks and chips. Ebivision works for glass containers of any color and requires absolutely no maintenance, including greasing.


  • Meets and exceeds all safety standards required in the industry
  • Easy programming with an unlimited number of settings
  • Incorporates a pressure switch to warn about the lack of compressed air
  • No maintenance or lubrication required
  • Inspection enclosure with the lighting system and cameras with IP 65 degree of protection
  • Digital position indicator for quick format change



  • For returnable, empty glass bottles of all sizes and colors

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