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A checkweigher is a type of scale that weighs an item as it passes through a production line. The machine weighs, classifies, transports, and accepts or rejects the product according to predetermined standards. Often located towards the end of a production line, checkweighers are used to guarantee that filling and packaging machines are creating packed goods at the correct weights. This is not only required by law, but also beneficial for manufacturers to help them reach greater efficiency at lower costs.

The right application of weight control techniques can allow the food production and packaging manufacturer to virtually eliminate consumer complaints about underweight packages. Well-crafted and maintained checkweigher systems can also help the manufacturer significantly reduce costs related to overweight packages by decreasing the average fill weight through improved accuracy.

While different checkweigher models can vary dramatically in both application and design, a standard checkweigher consists of four essential parts:

  • The infeed section
  • The scale
  • The discharge area
  • The rejector or line divider

All checkweighers provide feedback to their operators using either visual and/or audible signals.

Our top-of-the-line Techik IXL Series checkweighers are finely engineered systems that feature superior speed and sensitivity in order to ensure quality standards.

  • Speed: Able to measure up to 230 feet of product per minute, these checkweighers are equipped with a high sensitivity sensor that does not require constant manual calibration as continual auto-taring keeps the machine zeroed at all times.
  • Accuracy:The Techik IXL Series boasts accuracy within half a gram.
  • Simplicity: The models we offer include a full color touch screen system and user-friendly features like a product database that can save up to 100 different products. They are also equipped with data export, USB, and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Advanced mechanical design: These waterproof, dustproof units are built with stainless steel covers. With a built-in hinge design, they are extremely easy to clean. Techik IXL checkweighers also come in a variety of rejector styles, including flipper, air jet, push bar, and more.

Ultimately, a checkweigher system is the weight control center on a production line, ensuring consistent quality by making sure that unacceptable under or overweight packages never reach the customer.

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Techik IXL Series Checkweighers are finely engineered and crafted systems that offer the ultimate in speed and sensitivity.


Continual auto-taring keeps the unit constantly zeroed

German engineered and produced load-cell

Accuracy to within 0.5 gram

Full color touch screen operator interface

USB data export for production log reports

Easy to program and operate; can save up to 100 different products

Dust and waterproof stainless steel construction

Can be equipped with a variety of rejecter styles, including push bar, flipper, air jet, etc.

High speed capability, up to 230 feet per minute

For products ranging in size from 0.5 grams to 50 pounds

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