Have The Best Product Packaging By Avoiding 3 Common Mistakes

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Food packaging is one of the most important uses for plastic in the world. Experts believe that a single pound of plastic packaging for food can reduce food waste by up to 1.7 pounds, making it nearly double its worth as an investment. However, if you’re working with food packaging machines and equipment, you need to be careful. Even the slightest mistake in things like pouch filling machines can have disastrous consequences.

To help you avoid mistakes when you’re working with food packaging equipment, we’ve listed three of the most common packaging issues faced by food manufacturers. Keep them in mind:

Overlooking Shipping Details

While it is important to make sure your product stands out against the competition, you want to make sure you keep in mind what might happen in transit. A package might look nice, but it might not hold up well if you neglect key details. You should keep the realities of the shipping process in mind when you calibrate your pouch filling machines or similar food packaging machine.

Neglecting Adhesives

If you spend too much time working on the design and the design materials, you might end up neglecting to get the best adhesive to seal the package. You need it to be strong and tightly sealed, but not so much that it angers the customer or store clerks. The perfect blend will depend on the package, the product inside, and the environment it will be kept and shipped in.

Product and Packaging Chemistry Issues

Sometimes packaging can have negative impacts on the products inside. This is the case with acidic foods and aluminum, for example. You need to make sure that your food products won’t be experiencing any side effects from your packaging, and do your research thoroughly. No one likes tomatoes that taste like aluminum. Prevent unwanted chemical reactions with plenty of lab testing before moving ahead with the final product.

Taking the time to make sure your packaging products are in the best possible condition is very important. Not just for the health of the consumer, but also for the reputation of your company. Keep the above in mind and avoid common mistakes.

Table of Contents

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