The Different Types of Food Packaging Machines, Explained

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There are plenty of different options available in the manufacturing industry that will ensure food is safely packaged and delivered to the customer without being tampered with. These machines differ based on what they are needed for, so here we have broken down the multiple different kinds of food packaging machines and their many uses to help businesses differentiate with exactly what they need.


The checkweighters are often used at the end of the production process and are used to check the weight of every single object that passes through. This is to ensure the product is at the correct weight needed for any health and safety specifications, and all packages that vary from this limit will be taken out of production immediately. These machines are exceptionally fast and can weigh hundreds of items per minute. One of the major benefits of checkweighters is the fact that it ensures each product has the same weight, meaning they will not lose extra product in the filling stage.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

This is an automated, assembly-line product that is great for packaging food as the product is packed and sealed at the same time. How it works is simple; the machine creates plastic bags from a single roll of film, fills the bag with the product, then seals the bag in all one motion. Using this pouch filling machine ensures food safety in that the food doesn’t have the ability to become contaminated as it never leaves the production facility to be shipped elsewhere and packed.

Vacuum Sealers

These food packaging machines create an airtight seal, which allows food to be preserved for 3-5 times longer than if it was stored in plastic bags or other containers. Typically, manufacturers use clear film as a way to allow the customer to see what they are purchasing and consuming. Additionally, this seal means that the food inside is temperature controlled — resulting in less waste overall as the plastic drastically decreases the possibility the food will spoil.

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Table of Contents

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