The Growing Need for Food Packaging Automation

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The need for new and better food packaging is expanding and with it, the need for new and better food packaging automation. Last year’s Packaging Machinery Market Report projected that the global packaging machinery market will grow by more than 50% over the next five years.

In fact, automation is the most impactful trend affecting manufacturing operations today (according to Food Engineering Magazine). Food packaging automation can be used for almost anything including canning, container cleaning, filling, bagging, unpacking, bottling, sealing, check weighing, wrapping, heat sealing, case forming, labelling and palletizing, just to name a few of their many possible functions.

Consumer Demand

According to a recent survey, nearly 2/3 of all food manufacturers expect their throughput to grow this year. That growth is expected to continue, which is why more than half of all companies in the food processing and packaging industry plan to increase their automation levels over the next three to five years. Manufacturers are also purchasing new food packaging automation to replace older models: modern packaging machines can complete in minutes things that took older machines hours to complete, and newer machines are both safer and easier to operate, reducing employee risk and labor.

Food Packaging Automation Findings

According to Allied Market Research and their Packaging Machinery Market Report, much of the global food & beverage industry growth is expected to come from emerging countries, such as those in Asia-Pacific and Africa. This can be contributed to rises in income, improvements in living standards, and their busier working schedules, which is leading to increased demand for ready-to-eat packaged food.

Other key findings from the Packaging Machinery Market Report include:

  • The food & beverage sector was the highest revenue generating market in 2016, and is projected to continue to grow at a rate of 6.6% per year.
  • China is the major shareholder in the Asia-Pacific packaging machinery market, accounting for more than half of all sales in 2016.
  • Some food packaging automation equipment is expected to grow faster than others.
    • Cleaning and sterilizing machines are expected to grow at a rate of 8.4% per year, owing to a growing focus on product cleanliness and safety.
    • Labeling machines are also posed for significant growth due to a rise in government labelling regulations.

Packaging Help Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Using newer and better food packaging automation can lead to more productivity, improved food safety management, reduced labor costs, greater transparency in labelling for manufacturers, and decreased packaging waste. At TDI we provide a wide range of quality food packaging automation machinery, including state-of-the art German-engineered machinery you won’t find anywhere else.

Our machines include horizontal and vertical form fill seal machines (that create plastic bags from a flat roll, fill the bags and then seal them), inspection systems (to uncover particles and ensure product safety), and more. Let our experts work with you to determine the best solution for your unique production needs. We’ll maximize your uptime and lower your operating costs with affordable, customizable food packaging automation equipment.

Table of Contents

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