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X-Ray Food Inspection

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The most precise X-ray inspection systems on the market

When your application requires an exceptional level of metal detection sensitivity, or the ability to detect non-metallic contaminants such as bone, stone or even glass, then pharmaceutical or food X-ray inspection equipment is a necessity.

TDI PACKSYS offers a wide variety of systems that deliver best-in-class performance at a tremendous value. No other provider can match the level of safety and quality of inspection systems that TDI PACKSYS delivers.

Our machines also provide a higher level of quality and performance features, such as unique triple-beam X-ray detection, for incredibly precise three-dimensional inspection.

Each of our X-ray systems come with the training, service and support your staff needs—TDI PACKSYS is with you every step of the way to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Additionally, TDI PACKSYS provides annual testing, certification and maintains FDA registration to ensure your system remains in complete and continual compliance with all applicable regulations.

Let us match you with the X-ray inspection equipment that’s best for you.

Keep Contaminants Out