X-Ray Food Inspection

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TDI’s exclusive Techik TXR series of X-ray systems offer best-in-class performance at a tremendous value.

Techik systems are built to world-class standards, incorporating componentry from only industry leading manufacturers, including:

VJ Technologies (USA)
X-ray generators

Detection Technologies (Finland)
X-ray receiver

Pfannenberg (Germany)
Temperature and humidity control

Schneider (France), ABB (Swiss), Omron (Japan)
Electrical systems

This componentry, coupled with advanced algorithmic programming, generates X-ray detection sensitivity that leads the industry, with sensitivities as low as 0.3mm stainless steel.

Techik TXR X-rays are heavy-duty and built to last and perform in even the most demanding applications for years. Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel complete body and frame construction, and an IP 67 wash down rated product inspection tunnel enable Techik X-ray’s to be used in most any food processing application.

Our intuitive, Windows based operating system makes Techik systems very familiar and operator friendly. You will be able to quickly save and program hundreds of different items. Easy to use and navigate inspection logs are saved and outputted in Microsoft Excel, and these can be quickly accessed by simply connecting the X-ray unit to your company’s network.

Techik X-ray’s come with a 500 gigabit hard drive that will store up to 10,000 images, providing you with the ultimate in product security. Automatically, save and log every scanned image for a 100% inspection record. Saved images can be exported and archived for extended QA record keeping.

TDI’s installation, training, service, and support go hand-in-hand with our Techik products. We are there every step of the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results of your Techik X-ray system. Additionally, TDI provides annual testing, certification and FDA registration to ensure your system remains in complete and continual compliance with all applicable regulations.

When your application requires an exceptional level of metal detection sensitivity down to 0.3mm, or the ability to detect non-metallic contaminants such as bone, stone or even glass, then X-ray inspection is the perfect choice. TDI’s exclusive Techik product line includes many options to meet most any X-ray inspection need:

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