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Fast, efficient and accurate protection for food and beverages

Fill level Inspection system for transparent containers

Visiolevel from E2M detects and verifies fill levels for transparent bottles and containers in high frequency production lines. As containers pass through the protected inspection enclosure at high speed, the system captures an image of the neck and cap, which is then analyzed and processed to detect defects and deviations. The system features one or more cameras depending on the model and customer needs.


  • Easy installation on existing conveyors
  • Robust, compact and sturdy design
  • No maintenance required
  • Long life system and fast amortization
  • Automatic height adjustment of the inspection bridge while changing format using a linear actuator
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Quick and easy format change
  • Parameter and tolerance settings for each format
  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis
  • Provides real-time production statistics
  • Rejection signal management


  • For use in monitoring:
    • Filler valves
    • Capper heads
    • Detection of fallen bottles or blown bottles
  • For applications including:
    • Oils and vinegars
    • Cosmetic products
    • Detergents and cleaning products
    • Spirits, whiskeys
    • Juices, soft drinks and milks

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