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Rejection and Separation Systems

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High quality and accurate protection for all types of packaging

Quality control is of ultimate importance to the success of your company. TDI PACKSYS provides the finest rejection and separation equipment to ensure your products and reputation are protected. Our rejection and separation equipment divides non-conforming containers such as those with defects, damage, inconsistent fill lines and weights, and more. You no longer have to worry about a container that is a few ounces too light, or one with an unsecured lid. Each of our rejection and separation machines are manufactured by E2M. Their commitment to R&D is well known, as is their impressive track record of quality manufacturing for rejection and separation systems, as well as those for vision inspection, pharma, orientation and traceability. 

Rejection and separation equipment is useful when used alone, but when used in conjunction with X-ray equipment, orientation equipment and vision inspection systems, they help protect products from nearly any potential hazard, issue or problem. TDI PACKSYS can help you with all your inspection system needs, and we back each with superior service and support including training, annual testing and calibration to ensure your systems remain optimized, profitable and compliant with all industry regulations.