Food Metal Detectors

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Metal detectors are used to guarantee the safety and purity of food products by detecting any trace of metal that may have contaminated them during the production process. Because most food processing equipment is made of metal, fragments of this material can be unintentionally introduced to the products, posing a hazard to consumers.

Potential sources of contamination include loose screws and bolts, machine parts, metal tags, screen wire, blades, and more. Any of these contaminants can cause serious harm to consumers and lead to severe legal consequences for food manufacturing companies. Metal particles and fragments can also damage food production and packaging machinery, which can be expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Food metal detectors can be used for virtually any food product, including bakery items, meat and sausage products, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and even spices and sugar. These metal detectors can find both ferrous metals (cast iron, mild steel, etc.) and non-ferrous metals (copper, lead, aluminum, etc.).

At TDI PACKSYS, we offer five different metal detector models -- conveyorized, gravity fed, flow through, biscuits, and pharmaceutical. Each boasts exceptional stability and sensitivity, and all are designed to fit seamlessly within most existing production lines. Equipped with LCD and optional touch screen interfaces, our dustproof and waterproof machines are simple and safe to operate as well as accurate, reliable, and easy to clean.

Ultimately, food metal detectors are considered essential equipment for any food processing plant. They ensure safety for the consumer, protect machinery, guarantee food quality standards, and help you to comply with food regulations.

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Available in a variety of formats

IMD-I Conveyorized

IMD-I-P for gravity fall products

IMD-I-L for liquids, pastes, fillings and sauces

IMD-I-B for demanding bakery applications

IMD-I-M for pharmaceutical products such as pills and tablets

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