Inspection Systems

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Because your business depends on it

We know how vital product safety is to the success of your business. We take that responsibility as seriously as you do. That’s why we deliver the most sensitive inspection systems in the industry.

In many industries, such as the food and beverage or pharmaceutical, the success of your business ultimately depends on the quality of your products and the safety of your customers. At TDI PACKSYS, we are dedicated to delivering the most accurate and effective inspection systems in the industry. For example, our X-ray inspection systems can uncover particles as small as 0.3mm, including bits of bone, cartilage, metal, glass, ceramic, stone, plastic and rubber.

We offer inspection systems from two world-class brands: RaymanTech, known for premium systems with industry-leading technology, and Techik, one of the world’s largest food safety inspection equipment brands renowned for delivering top quality and value.

We are 100% confident that no other provider can ensure the safety and quality of your products like TDI PACKSYS can.

X-ray Inspection Systems
With exceptional levels of sensitivity and the ability to detect non-metallic contaminants including glass, bone or stone, our RaymanTech and Techik TXR lines provide best-in-class performance at a tremendous value. They are both backed by TDI PACKSYS support, service and training.

Metal Detectors
At TDI PACKSYS, we offer a wide range of metal detectors including conveyorized, gravity fed, flow through, bakery and pharmaceutical models. Choose from RaymanTech or Techik Systems for exceptional sensitivity and user-friendly features.

Our RaymanTech and Techik checkweighers ensure correct product weights and are engineered for speed, accuracy, usability and durability while meeting all regulatory requirements.

We at TDI PACKSYS are committed to protecting your business and your customers with our superior inspection systems. To learn more about how our factory-certified experts and state-of-the-art machinery can benefit your production line or quality assurance department, schedule a demo today.

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