3 Tremendous Benefits Of Checkweighers You Should Know

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When it comes to food packaging equipment, it is especially important that everything is handled with the up most care. Unlike other industries, the consequences do not only effect the bottom line. Every year 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die as a result of food-borne illnesses.
While Checkweigher machines are an important part of any manufacturing operation, but they are especially important for food packaging need. Checkweighers are an excellent way to help reduce the waste that can result from poor product management.
In this post, we will highlight three huge benefits from using checkweighers.

Increased Accuracy

The number one reason you should be using your checkweigher scale is to prevent waste and give away. This machine allows you to accurately assess if you are using too much product which is critical to both your line’s efficiency and your business’s bottom line — even if you are wasting a very small amount. After all, those small mistakes can add up fast.

Help Ensure Quality

One of the best ways to check if a mistake has been made during production is to test the weight of the project in comparison to the volume being weighed. For example, if one brownie should weigh half of a pound, but ways closer to two-fifths of a pound, that is a good indication that something went wrong during production.

Provide More Concrete Data

Using your checkweigher consistently can help you establish the optimal parameters for your plant. If you find that by running your machine at a certain speed, the weight of your product is reduced beyond the optimal weight, then you are able to determine what is the optimal operating speed of your machines, and where the hard limit is much more easily.
Checkweighers are an important diagnostic tool for your food packaging plant. It can help you ensure that the proper recipes are being followed, and that your product meets the quality your customers demand. They can also save you a great deal of wasted product over the life of your company.
If you have any additional questions on checkweigher machines or other for food inspection products, or any other packaging needs do not hesitate to contact TDI Packsys today.

Table of Contents

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