3 Myths About Food X-Ray Machines Debunked

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inspecting apple through an x ray

X-rays are used in a wide range of applications. They are used for security at the airport, for checking to find broken bones and other obstructions in doctors offices, and they are used to prevent contaminants from slipping into commercial food.

But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of their food being subjected to X-rays. There are questions of safety, of radiation, and any number of other concerns. Fortunately. or perhaps, unfortunately, many of these apprehensions are the result of misinformation and myth.

Here, we are going to tackle a few of the most common myths about food X-ray machines.

Myth #1

X-Rays leave radiation and other contaminants in food.

While X-rays themselves are a cause for concerns when mishandled, the risk of contamination of food is remarkably low. That is because regulators in both the United States have set very specific regulations to prevent any chance of radiation affecting the food.

Many food X-ray machine users go even further, opting only for low-energy, soft X-rays and installing machines with safety mechanisms that automatically prevent contamination.

Myth #2

X-Rays can only detect large contaminants in the food.

Food X-ray machines can detect a wide of issues in the food. It can range from issues such as stainless steel, glass, sandstone, bones, salt lumps to even more delicate defects like air bubbles or broken items.

This is because an X-ray machine can find minute variations in the density of your products, which can better help you catch anomalies, providing a product that is not only without contaminants but also of a higher quality.

Myth #3

If you X-Ray food, it can’t be labelled organic

Whether or not you X-ray food has no bearing on its organic status. Organic food is almost entirely determined before it is slaughtered or harvested, in addition to the application of preservatives. In short, anything that might actually have an effect on the food, which X-raying doesn’t.

When considering whether or not to use an X-ray for your food packaging, you should remember that 50% of consumers worldwide say they value the socially positive message on the packaging. That means half of people care that you take every step available to make sure you care about your product being safe and improving lives.

If you have any additional questions on x-ray machines for food inspection, food metal detectors, or any other packaging needs do not hesitate to contact TDS Packsys today.

Table of Contents

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