Shrink Bags

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TDI shrink bags are made from multi-layer, coextruded material for superior barrier, shrink and clarity. Our bags are EVOH based, which is a “greener” option compared to PVDC bags. Using state-of-the-art, 9-layer co-extrusion, our shrink bags are the undisputed market leader in performance, appearance and cost.

Suitable for all meats and cheeses, including respiring

Normal and extended shelf life options

No PVDC—a more sustainable solution

Industry leading 9-layer co-extrusion technology

Choose our premium Bone-guard grade to eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome patches

Superior shrink rates of up to 45%

High seal strength across a range of temperatures, suitable for overlap seal applications

Operator friendly—very easy to handle and seal

Round or straight bottom

Loose, taped or roll-form (perforated)

Available with optional rotogravure or flexographic printing up to 9 colors

TDI shrink bags are used for packaging fresh and frozen meat products and come in the following grades:

most applications

respiring cheeses

Bone-guard for retail products

Bone-guard for sub-primal and extremely high abuse applications

Shrinkable vacuum pouch

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