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New Machine in the Works for Ulma Packaging

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vertical form fill seal machineThe challenge of keeping fresh produce safe and ripe as long as possible has always been a struggle for packaging companies. With the risk of disease spreading through food, it's no surprise companies are always looking for better ways to seal food quicker. Ulma Packaging may just be at the forefront of elite food packaging machines.

Ulma Packaging has several vertical form fill seal machines, designed to seal food in at record speeds. Using plastic food sealing machines not only guarantees faster productions but it's estimated that for every one pound of plastic packaging, 1.7 pounds of food waste can be reduced.

Ulma's food packaging equipment is designed to package such things a kale, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, salads and more. Their food sealing machines are able to detect when there is an item protruding from the bag and correct it before any sealing takes place.

The vertical form fill seal machines also come with a wide variety of options in regards to the types of packing the plastic goes through. The packaging can be set to a form pillow, compressed, and re-sealable.

These machines are sure to reduce both food waste and risk of foodborne diseases spreading with their efficient system. The machines waste little time to package the food, be assured that there is nothing tampering with the plastic seals and are they held to the highest standards.

Ulma's vertical form fill seal machines business manager, Steve Brooks, is quoted as saying, “This new ultrasonic vertical sealing equipment is ideally suited for the fresh produce industry, offering less downtime and reduced food waste due to the 100% seal integrity. Our machines are manufactured to the highest quality and we will work with customers to ensure they have the perfect solution.”

It is encouraging to see the effort put forth to build better food sealing equipment. Not only does it make it safer and more efficient for us, but it drastically lowers the risk of contracting an illness by spoiled food. Ulma's machines continue to spread through the food packaging world and, with any luck, our food will be safer and as tightly sealed than ever before.