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Fast, efficient and accurate protection for food and beverages

Washdown vision inspection system for food packages

The VT2167 from Viewtech is a vision inspection system designed for the food industry. It can control trays or flowpacks, selecting only those which match the required quality standards. The VT2167 is part of Viewtech’s Washdown Series—its IP67 protection rating means it can be used in a white room or environment that requires the washing of the machines.


  • Identifies nonconformities including food in the sealing area, misplacement of the (pre-printed) top film or labels, correctness and readability of all labels, barcodes and text
  • Meets the strictest construction standards to meet washdown requirements
  • Easy maintenance and belt replacement
  • Connects to plant floor control equipment for simple software management and scheduling
  • Easy-to-read LED illuminator devices
  • Remote assistance
  • Available in multiple configurations including single or double lanes


  • For use in the following applications:
    • Trays
    • Flowpacks
  • Can be used in white rooms or other environments that require the washing of the machines

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