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Fast, efficient and accurate protection for food and beverages

360º label inspection system for non-oriented bottles

Contourvision 360˚ from E2M is a label inspection system for non-oriented bottles. This self-learning system uses advanced vision algorithms to measure the parameters and characteristics of each bottle to identify inconsistencies or defects. Easily configured, easy to clean, and easy to use, Contourvision 360˚ comes in a number of configurations and options.


  • Compact, linear system
  • Flexible multiformat system
  • Quick and convenient format change; compatible with all types of formats
  • Robust, with floodgates and safety cover
  • Intuitive computer system and interface based on Windows 10
  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis
  • Provides production statistics


  • For use in monitoring label inspections on non-oriented bottles

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