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High quality and accurate protection for all types of packaging

Pneumatic impact rejection system for non-reusable containers

When the automatic inspection system detects any defective container, the PUSH rejection system from E2M rejects it. With the E2M Push system, containers that deviate from the norm are pushed towards a defective container lane, rejection table or bin using a mechanism composed of a cylinder, an electrovalve and a shovel. Push can also be used for manual random inspections.


  • Compact and robust design, with silent operation
  • Minimal preventive maintenance
  • Easy to install on existing conveyor
  • Long life system and fast amortization
  • High velocity up to 120,000 bottles/hour
  • Highly accurate
  • Water jet cleaning for dripping lines of dairy or sticky content
  • Maximum packaging weight: 8kg to 20kg (boxes)


  • For high-speed production lines for containers that will not be reused

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