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E2M Proportional

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High quality and accurate protection for all types of packaging

Proportional soft rejection/stable pneumatic divider

The proportional system from E2M moves the containers that circulate on a conveyor, smoothly and without losing their stability, by means of a mechanism that includes a cylinder, a proportional solenoid valve and a shovel. When the automatic inspection system detects any defect in a container, the rejection system pushes the container into another lane. The parameters of each format can be programmed by the user, including shape, height and color, and stored in memory for each separate container.


  • Compact and robust design, with silent operation
  • Minimal preventive maintenance
  • Easy to install on existing conveyor
  • Long life system and fast amortization
  • High velocity up to 70,000 container/hour
  • Highly accurate
  • Water jet cleaning for dripping lines of dairy or sticky content
  • 2 ramps for acceleration, deceleration, approach speed, maximum speed, etc.
  • Everything is programmable and memorizable for each container in production
  • Maximum packaging weight: 8kg


  • For any type of full or empty and stable container

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