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E2M Flexiturn Twinpack

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For the correct positioning of products along a conveyor belt

The first orientation and compaction system for round containers

The Flexiturn Twinpack orientator can position every package independently and in the necessary grades in order to create indivisible packs, saving packs or twin packs for round containers. Fast, efficient and accurate, the Twinpack detects the entry position of any container and guides it without causing falls or damage. The system is highly accurate regardless of the material, size or position of the container, and whether it is full or empty.

Independently operated side bands provide in-line guidance, and the system also includes smart cameras for various orientation detection techniques including ultrasound, laser, infrared, inductive and photocells. Orientation detection is made through the inspection of mechanical shapes, engravings, textures, graphics, handles and more.


  • Compact and linear
  • Robust, with floodgates and safety covers
  • Flexible, multiformat system
  • Velocity up to 50,000 bottles/hour
  • Turn any number of degrees
  • Quick and convenient format change
  • Compatible with all types of formats
  • Intuitive computer system and interface based on Windows 10
  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis
  • Production statistics


  • Bottles, boats and jars
  • Glass or plastic
  • Full or empty
  • With neck or without neck
  • Plugs
  • Circular cans

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