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Metal Detector and Checkweigher Combination Systems

While a metal detector and checkweigher are often purchased as separate equipment, we also offer high performance metal detector and checkweigher combination systems. These machines provide a smaller, more compact footprint that are ideal for production floors or workshops with limited space.

Metal detectors find traces of metal that may have contaminated goods during the production process, such as loose screws and bolts, metal tags and wire. These can pose significant danger to consumers, and possible legal consequences for the manufacturer. Checkweighers ensure packages are filled at the correct weight—classifying, transporting and then accepting or rejecting a product according to predetermined standards. Packaging goods at the correct, listed weight is not only required by law, but can help the manufacturer significantly reduce costs related to overweight packages and eliminate consumer complaints about underweight packages.

Both metal detectors and checkweighers play critical roles in your production line, especially in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries. They help ensure product safety and accurate measurements—vital components to the ongoing success and profitability of your business.

TDI PACKYSYS offers two exceptional combo metal detector and checkweigher systems:

RaymanTech RWM: RaymanTech is the leading manufacturer of premium food inspection equipment, and the RWM combo metal detector and checkweigher delivers superior performance, plus:

  • Excellent accuracy with unique signal processing technology and auto-zeroing technology that ensures exact product weighing even with seafood or wet, marinated products
  • Reliable and stable design that does not require frequent calibration
  • Advanced features including auto-programming, quick product changeover, robust data collection and analysis, and multi-language controls

Techik IMC: These German-engineered combo systems deliver top quality at a surprising value. They match high-end sensitivity with pinpoint accuracy. You also get:

  • Compact footprint with a single-frame design that saves space and installation costs
  • High speed detection of up to 230 feet per minute
  • Versatile product size and weight range inspection capability

All of our combo systems are backed with the TDI PACKSYS dedication to service you expect. Our comprehensive support includes operator training, field service support and annual certification/calibration to ensure your system remains in complete and continual compliance with all applicable regulations.

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