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Importance of Eco-Friendly Packaging in Consumerism

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American people truly do care about the environment care about the environment, although it might not feel like it at times. When it comes to their purchasing decisions alone, roughly 52% of people make purchasing decisions based on food packaging containers -- specifically, whether or not the brand is attempting to reduce its environmental and social impact. People are conscientious about recycling, with approximately 60% of the population -- about 148 million people -- take advantage of a plastics recycling program. More than ever before, Americans are conscious about reducing global waste.

According to Convenience Store Decisions, 80% of American food shoppers believe that reducing food waste is just as important as reducing packaging waste. In fact, 81% say they would choose resealable food packaging containers over the alternative, 54% would pay more for packaging with environmentally friendly features, and 30% of consumers even reject products if their packaging is not portion controlled or resealable.

"Our research shows that reducing food waste is top of mind for consumers," said John Owen, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel. "This presents opportunities for food brands and retailers to address these concerns through innovative packaging and product messaging. The prevention of food waste can be positioned not only as a good way for consumers to save money, but also as a way to work toward reversing the growing food waste trend through conscious consumption."

Various food packaging machines can produce much more environmentally friendly food packaging equipment, like shrink bags and other containers. Vacuum-sealed packaging can preserve food for three to five times longer than plastic bags.

"Package innovation is playing a key role as food retailers respond to an ongoing shift away from the traditional three sit-down meals a day," added Owen. Rather than sitting down for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Americans are grabbing smaller snacks to eat on the go. This could result in even more packaging for all the various food products out there, but if consumers become increasingly adamant about sustainability and eco-friendly, the packaging will have to reflect this trend.

Marketers are going to have to adjust some of their branding strategies for their products, in order to appeal to the majority of consumers. If you want assistance, or to learn more about food packaging containers and equipment, contact TDI Packsys today.