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How Plastic Packaging Is Eliminating Food Waste

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packaging machinesOf the earth's mounting environmental crises, food waste in one of the most threatening human contributions. According to the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization, almost a third of all food produced globally never makes it onto our plates. This is shocking, imagining the potential for all of that food. Taking this crisis a step further, we are continuing to throw out much of the food that we do purchase with the intention to consume. Plastic food packaging could be the solution to this wasteful habit. By manufacturing quality packages with the best packaging machines, we can take a step toward eliminating this food waste.

Many Americans Are Actively Contributing To Food Waste

In a 2016 report, the organization "Plastics Make it Possible" analyzed the potential role of containers in combatting the food waste problem. The organization commissioned TNS Global to conduct a survey regarding the average American opinion on food waste. They found that a shocking 76% of households throw out leftovers once per month and 51% once per week. Furthermore, 51% of respondents reported throwing away food that they purchased but never ate.

Food Waste Contributes To Pollution

"Plastics Make it Possible" reports that food waste takes up more space in landfills than any other material. As this food remains in the landfill, it emits dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. According to EPA data, food waste emits methane as it decomposes. The EPA also points out that "there are many resources needed to grow food, including water, fertilizers, pesticides, and energy. By wasting food, you are also wasting the resources that went into growing it." The habit of constantly throwing out food creates a cycle of excess and waste.

Plastic Containers Eliminate Food Waste And More

By using the best food packaging equipment, we can work to eliminate the wasteful and polluting effects of thrown out food. According to "Plastics Make it Possible" report, research by the Industry Council for Research on Packaging and the Environment have found that companies pour ten times more resources into making and distributing food than they do to make food packaging. This data shows that by wasting food, we are misusing more resources than when we put that food into plastic boxes.

By creating a quality packaging process for preserving food, we can make sure that more fresh food makes it to our forks than to landfills. Through effective packaging machines, such as pouch filling machines and vertical form fill seal machines, we can ensure that the work and materials that go into producing food are worth it. Vacuum seals, for example, preserve food for 3-5 times as long as plastic bags or other containers. This is just one step in the process of using packaging machines for better human and environmental health.