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Food Packaging Trends: Single Serve Pouches

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Vacuum pouches and shrink bags have long been a staple of food packaging equipment, but have you noticed the increasing number of single-serve pouches for food items on store shelves today? Everything from juice and yogurt to almond butter and instant coffee can now be found in small, individual packaging. Here, we take a look at some of the reasons behind this growing trend, and why every manufacturer ought to think about investing in a pouch filling machine.

  1. Portability: It's no secret that consumers today are constantly on the go. Instead of eating at restaurants, though, more and more people want highly portable items that they can take with them, whether it's to the office, on the road, or out on a hike. Shelf-stable, flexible pouches don't require refrigeration, don't take up much space, and are easier to open than something like lidding film when your hands are otherwise full.
  2. Portion Sizing: Many consumers are also watching their portion sizes, not just out of health concerns, but out of a sense of social responsibility. Packaging experts estimate that every pound of plastic packaging used can result in 1.7 fewer pounds of food waste in turn. When you're on the go and trying to be mindful of what you eat at the same time, a stable portion measured out by a pouch filling machine offers the perfect amount of sustenance for every watchful eater.
  3. Attractiveness: Those small pouches can be eye-catching when set against other boxed, boring items on the grocery shelves. They can also be custom-designed to include branding right on the package itself, so that no matter where the pouch goes, your name shows. Kids especially love the sense of independence from having a pouch all to themselves, and parents love the ease of letting their kids do the work.

Trends may come and go, but our bet is that single serve pouch packaging will be around for a long time to come. If you're looking for new and innovative food packaging design that works, look no further than a horizontal pouch filling machine to give your brand a fresh edge in the (super)marketplace.