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Food Packaging Trends: Single Serve Pouches

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Vacuum pouches and shrink bags have long been a staple of food packaging equipment, but have you noticed the increasing number of single-serve pouches for food items on store shelves today? Everything from juice and yogurt to almond butter and instant coffee can now be found in small, individual packaging. Here, we take a look at some of the reasons behind this growing trend, and why every manufacturer ought to think about investing in a pouch filling machine.

The Benefits of Plastic Clamshell Packaging in the Food World

plastic clamshellThere are many options when it comes to food packaging containers, but none quite like the classic clamshell. For everything from sandwiches to salads and croissants to cookies, food manufacturers use plastic clamshell packaging to keep their food fresh and delicious, day in and day out.

5 of the Biggest Benefits Associated With Printed Shrink Sleeve Labels

printed shrink sleevesPrinted shrink sleeves are common in the food industry, and actually are an integral part of many food packaging containers around the world. They grace the bodies of drink bottles and food containers alike, but they have more benefits than simply showing a name.

How the Packaging Industry Saves Our Food and Our Environment

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Many industries don't get the credit and acknowledgement they deserve. The average person might not think about packaging very often -- or if they do, it's because they're trying to open one of those impossible plastic clamshells -- but the packaging industry is important for numerous reasons. Here's why you should give those humble plastic and paper containers a little more recognition.

How To Save Money When Working With Thermoforming Companies

thermoforming companiesThanks to a growing web of regulations, food processing companies have never faced more regulatory burdens. To stay in business, they require packaging solutions that both keep them in full compliance and deliver major cost savings. And let's be honest: most thermoforming companies can't deliver one without sacrificing the other.

How the Biggest Food Processors Save Money on Lidding Film


Although they might not know what it's called, more consumers expect easy-to-open lidding film on a huge variety of food products. From fresh fruit to the most decadent ice creams, lidding films are showing up all over the food pyramid.