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5 of the Biggest Benefits Associated With Printed Shrink Sleeve Labels

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printed shrink sleevesPrinted shrink sleeves are common in the food industry, and actually are an integral part of many food packaging containers around the world. They grace the bodies of drink bottles and food containers alike, but they have more benefits than simply showing a name.

Plastic packaging can benefit consumers and retailers alike, not to mention its potential to be recycled can help the environment. There are countless benefits to printed shrink sleeves, but here's a short list to get you started.

Visual Branding
Nothing distinguishes a brand like a unique form of packaging. While most food packaging equipment deals with hard plastic, shrink sleeves are placed on top of that to ensure that each brand has a unique face when sitting on a shelf for sale. Not only that, but with the space limitations of modern labels, printed shrink sleeves give brands an opportunity to do more with the little space they have.

Security Seal
Not only can a shrink sleeve provide a fresh new look for a product, it can provide a tamper-resistant seal on your products. Food sealing machines will create vacuum seals that preserve food for three to five times longer than plastic containers, but in a store, it may take a little extra sealing to deter someone from attempting to open the packaging.

Consumer Confidence
With the right design and customization, shrink sleeves provide an extra level of creativity that can inspire improved customer confidence. For instance, if you're selling a product that customers might want to see the contents of, shrink sleeves allow you to create a clear window to look inside the container.

Shrink sleeve labels are reverse printed on transparent shrink film, which means that they're resistant to the scuffing, marring, or tearing that traditional labels are subject to.

Approximately 52% of people around the world will make the decision to purchase a product if they know it's making a positive change, and the sustainability of shrink sleeves is exactly the kind of positivity that customers are looking for. Not only can plastic packaging be recycled, but every pound of plastic packaging helps reduce food waste by 1.7 pounds.

Shrink sleeves are incredibly common and changing the way food is labeled. Just as importantly, they provide practical solutions to your packaging needs.