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4 Creative Food Packaging Trends For 2018

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foodRoughly 52% of citizens around the globe make purchase decisions partially based on packaging that shows a brand is making a positive environmental and social impact. It makes sense then that packaging products can actually have a pretty big influence on consumer purchasing decisions. Trends come and go when it comes to food packaging materials, and sometimes they can be unpredictable. Here are four trends in the food packaging industry that are already being noticed in 2018.

Pastel Colors

Calming colors are making their way onto the scene this year. This trend seems to be breaking the norm we've seen for the past several years of bright, explosive colors on food packaging. This color choice aims to reduce saturation and give the product a warm, candid feel that makes it seem more welcoming and pleasant.


Companies are using food packaging distributors, and they want to make sure their designs and brands can be recognized instantly. This is why they are moving more towards simple, bold designs. Minimalism is making its way back.


Food packaging is seeing a major throwback lately, as a lot of companies are giving their products a vintage design. Many people are loving the nostalgia they experience when they see these products, so they are eating them up. Vintage designs tell a story of tradition and memories, and consumers are loving it.

Informative Labels

Packaging isn't all about beauty. Consumers find it important to know all about their food products before they buy them, and they want to get the information from the packaging. This includes nutrition facts, shelf life, where it's made, and so much more. This is often referred to as clean labeling, as it shows clear, concise, informative data on the packaging so customers know what they are getting into.

There you have it, four of the biggest food packaging trends for 2018. Consumers are drawn to pastel colors, simple designs, vintage packaging, and transparency. Picking up on these trends may just help a food brand sell a little better this year.